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Prime, Inc. ordered to take corrective action after spreading false information about settlement notice

On Friday, October 9, 2020, the Honorable Patti B. Saris ordered that Prime, Inc. send out an official letter to all of its drivers, correcting misinformation that one of Prime’s supervisors had spread about the settlement.

On Monday, immediately after the Court-approved notice was sent by email and mail to more than 40,000 potential class members, a Prime, Inc. supervisor sent a message to all drivers, stating that the email settlement notice was a phishing scam and that drivers should not click on the settlement website.

This information was completely false.

At an emergency hearing, the Court expressed serious concern about this inaccurate message and ordered that Prime:

(1) send a message to all drivers explaining that the first message was inaccurate and explaining how drivers could participate in the settlement;

(2) pay for notice to be sent by first-class mail to all drivers who had received email notice and include in the notice an official letter from Prime explaining the mistake; and

(3) request that a message explaining the mistake be posted on Prime driver Facebook groups.

Click here to read the official letter from Prime, Inc.

To receive more information about and participate in the settlement, please visit the settlement website:


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