The Massachusetts Superior Court for Middlesex County has awarded Fair Work more than $650,000 in legal fees and costs in its ongoing premium pay lawsuit against Jordan’s Furniture.

On May 10, 2022, the Court ruled that Brant Casavant and Hillary Schwab were entitled to $647,360.00 in legal fees plus $7,631.98 in litigation-related costs. The total sum – $654,991.98 – has been added to the $8.8 million judgment that the Court entered against Jordan’s Furniture in November 2021. That brings the current price tag for this lawsuit to more than $9.5 million, though that amount will continue to rise as post-judgment interest accumulates.

The ruling against Jordan’s Furniture follows three years of litigation, with the plaintiff in this case, Matthew Sutton, filing suit in June 2019. Since then, Jordan’s Furniture has vigorously contested this case but without success: in December 2020, the Court granted class certification and appointed Brant and Hillary as legal counsel for the certified class, and later granted summary judgment against Jordan’s Furniture, ruling that the manner in which it paid its sales employees violated the Massachusetts overtime and Sunday premium pay laws.

Throughout that process – and rather than simply paying its employees what they are owed – Jordan’s Furniture engaged in numerous lobbying efforts to change the wage laws and limit its potential liability.

Individuals looking for more information about the Jordan’s Furniture lawsuit, including information on the case as it progresses, can check out our case update page here. Hillary and Brant can also be reached any time by phone or email; they try to get back to everyone who contacts them within 24 hours.


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