There’s a trend amongst employers to misclassify independent contractors in order to save on expenses like benefits. If you think you’ve been misclassified, you could be entitled to compensation.

What’s the difference?

One common trend employment law attorneys often see is an employer’s misclassification of an employee.

Employers in many different industries, particularly carrier companies providing delivery services, will often classify a person they hire as an independent contractor instead of a company employee.

But why? To save money.

An employee who is considered an independent contractor is not entitled to benefits of a normal company employee, like health care coverage, workers’ compensation, overtime or holiday pay. But this practice is illegal.

In Massachusetts, employers who hire workers to perform “core work” must classify them as an employee, not an independent contractor.

If you believe your employer has required you to pool or share your tips with an ineligible employee – such as a shift supervisor, bar lead, chef, cleaning person, or manager – reach out to us.

Are you an independent contractor?

If you are an independent contractor, you are likely questioning your classification. Fortunately, the law stipulates certain factors that determine whether a particular individual is really an employee.

We know what they are. Let us help.

Our employment law attorneys at Fair Work P.C. know the law and the rules, inside and out. We know when courts have upheld the classification of independent contractors and when they haven’t. We know the tactics employers use to get around misclassifying employees to save money.

Our lawyers have recovered substantial awards for employees in Boston and individuals located throughout Massachusetts.

If you have a claim, you could be entitled to significant damages, including back pay for expenses and benefit you would have received as a traditional employee.

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