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Steve has been handling employment law issues for over 20 years. Prior to launching Fair Work, P.C., he was a partner at a nationally-recognized employment firm, where he represented workers in individual and class action cases in Massachusetts and beyond.  Before that, he directed the Employment Civil Rights Clinic at the Legal Services Center of Harvard Law School.  Since 2007, he has served on the faculty of Harvard Law School as a lecturer-on-law, where he teaches classes on advocacy skills and employment law enforcement strategies.  Earlier in his career, he worked as an associate and a partner at a law firm in Boston, handling a wide range of employment disputes.  He is also a board member of the Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice, and a co-founder and board member of Fair Employment Project, Inc., a non-profit that seeks to deliver legal information and resources to victims of workplace discrimination.

In recent years, Steve has helped to obtain millions of dollars on behalf of hundreds of workers.  He has represented employees with claims of discrimination, retaliation, misclassification, severance negotiations, wrongful denial of employee benefits, unpaid wages, and more.  In all of these cases, he is driven to hold employers accountable for their failure to follow the law and treat employees fairly.  Sometimes a case can be resolved quickly, when all parties come to the table.  Other times, it takes years of intense litigation, leading not only to trials but to multiple appeals.  Steve is equally comfortable in all of these stages, from counseling and negotiating, to trials, to appeals. 

Steve has tried cases in state and federal court, before administrative agencies, and in arbitration.  In his most recent trials, he won a six-figure jury verdict for an employee bringing a handicap discrimination case, obtained a judgment totaling over $500,000 after a jury trial on behalf of an employee with wage claims, co-tried an arbitration that resulted in a six-figure award for two employees who were misclassified as independent contractors, and successfully co-tried a two-week bench trial involving disparate impact race discrimination claims by a group of employees.

Representative Cases

  • Lavery v. Restoration Hardware Long Term Disability Benefits Plan, 2018 WL 3733936 (D.Mass. Aug. 6, 2018)

  • Ouadani v. TF Final Mile LLC, 876 F.3d 31 (1st Cir. 2017)

  • Malebranche v. Colonial Automotive Group, 2017 WL 5907557 (Mass. Super. Ct. Oct. 20, 2017)

  • Mooney v. Domino's Pizza, Inc., 2016 WL 4576996 (D.Mass. Sep. 1, 2016)

  • Reeves v. PMLRA Pizza, Inc., 2016 WL 4076829 (D.Mass. Jul. 29, 2016)

  • Craig v. Sterling Lion, LLC, 2016 WL 239299 (Mass. App. Ct. Jan. 21, 2016)

  • Smith v. City of Boston, 144 F. Supp. 3d 177 (D.Mass. 2015)

  • Vitali v. Reit Management & Research, LLC, 88 Mass. App. Ct. 99 (2015)

  • Carpaneda v. Domino's Pizza, Inc., 89 F. Supp. 3d 219 (D.Mass. 2015)

  • Parham v. Wendy's Co., 2015 WL 1243535 (D.Mass. Mar. 17, 2015)

  • Carpaneda v. Domino's Pizza, Inc., 991 F. Supp. 2d 270 (D.Mass. 2014)

  • Torres v. Niche, Inc., 2013 WL 6655415 (D.Mass. Dec. 18, 2013)

  • Depianti v. Jan-Pro Franchising International, Inc., 465 Mass. 607 (2013)

  • Lopez v. Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 463 Mass. 696 (2012)

  • Mogilevsky v. Wellbridge Club Management, Inc., 905 F. Supp. 2d 405 (D.Mass. 2012)

  • Swanson v. Lord & Taylor, LLC, 2012 WL 3776450 (D.Mass. Aug. 28, 2012)

  • D'Antuono v. C&G of Groton, Inc., 2011 WL 5878045 (D.Conn. Nov. 23, 2011)

  • Smith & Wollensky Restaurant Group, Inc. v. Passow, 831 F. Supp. 2d 390 (D.Mass. 2011)

  • Gross v. Federal Express Corp. Long Term Disability Plan, 707 F. Supp. 2d 67 (D.Mass. 2010)

  • Small v. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 584 F. Supp. 2d 284 (D.Mass. 2008)

Amicus Briefs

  • Jones v. City of Boston II, 845 F.3d 28 (1st Cir. 2016)

  • Jones v. City of Boston I, 752 F.3d 38 (1st Cir. 2014)

  • Cook v. Patient Edu, LLC, 465 Mass. 548 (2013)


Boston Bar Association
Speaker on panel about fee shifting in employment cases, October 2016
Speaker on panel about developments under the Class Action Fairness Act, February 2016
Speaker on panel about mediating employment cases, February 2015
Speaker for program on AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion - Cases, Trends & Issues, March 2012

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission / Fair Employment Practices Agency
Faculty for trial workshop, September 2004

Harvard Law School
Speaker on panel on sexual harassment, December 2017
Moderator for panel on employment law practice, November 2008
Moderator for Journal of Law & Gender annual conference, March 2008
Moderator for panel on small firms: November 2007.

International Association of Consultants and Professional Recruiters
Presentation on Dealing with Executive Issues, November 2002

Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights & Economic Justice
Speaker on panel on how to develop civil rights litigation, September 2018

Lorman Education Services
Presenter for Time Off In Massachusetts:
   State and Federal Laws On Employee Leave, Vacations and Holidays, June 2001 + June 2002

Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education
Speaker for Wage & Hour Primer & Update, May 2017
Speaker on panel about litigating under fee-shifting statutes, October 2015
Speaker on panel about preventing and litigating wage and hour cases, May 2015
Speaker on panel about arbitrating discrimination and retaliation cases, December 2013
Faculty for practical skills workshop, section on employment law, January 1999 - February 2005
Faculty for Annual Business Litigation Conference, February 2002 + February 2003
Faculty for Annual Employment Law Conference, December 2000 + December 2001
Faculty for deposition workshop, January 1998 - February 2001

National Employment Lawyers Association
Speaker on plenary panel about developments and trends in class action arbitration, March 2013

New England Society for Applied Psychologists
Presentation on Legal Considerations When Consulting in the Workplace, March 2003

Volunteer Lawyers Project
Faculty for training about wage and hour litigation, January 2016
Faculty for training on handling employment discrimination cases, January 2008 + April 2009


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Professional Affiliations

Fair Employment Project, Inc.
Co-Founder and Board Member

Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights and Economic Justice
Board Member

National Employment Lawyers Association

National Lawyers' Guild

 Steve Churchill

Steve Churchill

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Harvard Law School
Juris Doctor, 1993

Stanford University
A.B., Public Policy, 1988

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