Many online gamers in Massachusetts play League of Legends. These fans may be surprised to learn that the game’s publisher, Riot Games, Inc., has faced accusations of workplace gender discrimination in the real world. To resolve a lawsuit on behalf of current and former female employees of the company, Riot Games recently announced a $10 million legal settlement. Roughly 1,000 women employed by the company as full-time workers or temporary contractors during the period of November 2014 to present can now expect to receive compensation because of allegations of company-wide sexual harassment and sex discrimination.

Settlement documents indicated that the two women who served as class representatives for female workers will collect $10,000 each. Full-time employees can expect a payout of at least $2,500 each, and the settlement has allotted at least $500 for each temporary contractor.

The lawsuit started in 2018 after multiple women at the company complained of a male-centered company culture that excluded women. Women said their gender prevented them from earning promotions. When the company pushed two complainants toward legal arbitration in 2019, an employee walkout resulted because legal arbitration generally shields employers from illegal conduct toward employees. With a settlement now moving forward, the attorneys representing the women said that the company has pledged to create an inclusive workplace culture and stop sexual harassment and discrimination.

Someone who has been mistreated at work might need to do more than complain to human resources and hope for the best. Employment law protects workers from discrimination based on sex, religion, disability, age and race. By speaking with an employee discrimination attorney, a victim could learn about their legal rights and how to proceed with a formal complaint. An attorney might assist with organizing evidence, alerting the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and initiating litigation if a pre-trial settlement cannot be negotiated.