Women in Massachusetts continue to face substantial and pervasive employment discrimination on the job. High-profile cases have drawn attention to the issue of sexual harassment, especially in industries like entertainment and technology. However, there are a wide range of factors that contribute to sex discrimination on the job. Women find themselves being denied opportunities and promotions or facing termination due to stereotypes and other discriminatory factors. At the same time, many valid discrimination claims are never pursued because women fear that they will face retaliation on the job.

Pay gaps between men and women are some of the most long-lasting issues faced by female employees despite the fact that pay discrimination based on sex is illegal. This disparity is not simply related to the fact that men are more likely to have higher-paying jobs. In fact, men are more likely to out-earn women even when they share the same profession or job classification. Some of these issues may be linked to the way that salary negotiations by female and male employees are viewed. Women who ask for more money when starting a job are more likely to be viewed negatively, and workers who begin from a lower starting point may never catch up in terms of salary.

In addition, despite major efforts highlighting the need for more diversity in technology and other science-related industries, women continue to face discrimination during job interviews and when their resumes are screened. Men are more likely to be viewed favorably for highly technical jobs, even among equally qualified candidates.

Women may also find themselves held back from promotions, sometimes due to beliefs that they are likely to become pregnant. Workers facing any type of workplace discrimination may consult with Boston, Massachusetts, employee discrimination attorneys to find out what they can do to fight for their rights.