Discrimination continues to be a common experience for workers in Massachusetts and across the country. According to a survey conducted by an online job site, almost 60% of all workers in the U.S. have personally experienced or witnessed discrimination on the job. Workers reported different experiences with various types of discrimination, including race, sex, age and disability discrimination. The site said that employees want a safer, more diverse and inclusive environment, and many are concerned about aspects of their identity and experiences being used against them in the workplace.

Around 1,100 employees participated in the workplace discrimination survey. Of those who responded, 45% noted experiencing or witnessing age discrimination, 42% race discrimination and 42% gender discrimination. Another one-third of respondents reported discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation. Younger workers were more likely to report age, race or gender bias. Spokespeople for the job site said that companies are hiring more specialists on diversity and inclusion, reflecting a certain amount of concern about bias. Large companies headquartered in major cities are more likely to hire human resources specialists with a focus on preventing employment discrimination.

However, workers continue to experience discrimination even where diversity offices are long-established. Employees at tech companies and Fortune 500 giants have reported discrimination, even when their employers have established a public record of vocal support for diversity. Workplace discrimination is a global problem, although the laws addressing it differ from country to country. While 55% of U.S. workers reported experiences with discrimination, 37% said the same in Germany.

Workplace discrimination can cost workers thousands of dollars and future advancement in their careers. Employees who have suffered negative consequences due to bias on the job may consult with Boston, Massachusetts, employee discrimination attorneys about their options.