Despite advances in legal rights for the LGBT community in Massachusetts, people continue to endure discrimination at work, like the transgender woman currently suing Circle K. Her lawsuit against the convenience store location that employed her seeks compensation for lost pay, benefits, emotional distress and legal costs. The 26-year-old woman reportedly lost her job after taking a day off to attend a pride parade in her neighborhood.

Her lawsuit describes ongoing incidents of discriminatory treatment at work prior to her dismissal. Court filings indicate that co-workers asked her offensive questions about her sex life. The African-American plaintiff also alleged in her complaint that the store manager repeatedly called African-American customers by the N-word.

Other store employees reportedly committed acts such as throwing her personal possessions in the trash and making violent threats. According to her lawsuit, management ignored her complaints about abuse and discrimination. The manager gave the assistant manager position that she wanted to a new hire. A statement from the Circle K company expressed its commitment to a diverse workplace and willingness to cooperate with the investigation of the discrimination claim.

Illegal conduct in the workplace places great stress upon the targets of discrimination because it threatens their livelihoods. Legal advice and representation may alleviate the isolation caused by hostile co-workers or management. A person who needs information about challenging workplace discrimination may consult Boston, Massachusetts, employee discrimination attorneys. An evaluation of the evidence might confirm that laws have been broken and provide a person with options for defending rights. An attorney may prepare a formal complaint to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and promote the person’s side of the story during discussions with the employer. If a settlement does not emerge, an attorney might advance the case to the courtroom.