Employees in Massachusetts and throughout the country are generally protected from being harassed or discriminated against while pregnant. Furthermore, employers generally cannot discriminate or retaliate against an employee for being a parent. One Google employee claimed that the company didn’t take action against a manager who was reported to HR for acting inappropriately toward an employee who was a mother. That employee eventually became pregnant and alleges that she too was harassed and treated inappropriately before leaving for maternity leave.

After being treated harshly by the manager who she initially reported, the employee switched to a different team. She further claimed that she was discouraged from taking maternity leave early by her new manager despite experiencing health issues. Finally, the woman said that she was denied managerial opportunities and had reduced responsibilities on this new team. The employee wrote about her experiences in a memo that was posted to an internal message board where it was viewed roughly 10,000 times.

According to Google, the company thoroughly investigates all claims and provides multiple ways to report retaliation and other problems. This story is one of several claims of harassment made against Google and other tech companies in recent months. In November 2018, 20,000 employees walked out to protest how sexual harassment cases were handled. Employees who participated in that walkout said that they were retaliated against by Google.

Those who feel as if their rights were violated at work may want to hire Boston, Massachusetts employee discrimination attorneys. Doing so may allow them to pursue their case either informally or through a formal trial. In some cases, it may be necessary to file a charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission before pursuing a lawsuit. If claims are successful, employees might be entitled to financial damages.