Employers in Massachusetts are generally barred from using age when making employment decisions. According to a recent poll, however, roughly half of the respondents said that age discrimination takes place in the workplace. However, about 60% of respondents who are 60 or older say that older workers are frequently the target of such discrimination. Conversely, only 43% of respondents who were 45 or younger said the same thing.

Another 69% of those between the ages of 45 and 59 said that older workers are at a disadvantage in the workplace. Older individuals said that they believed that their age made it harder to get a promotion or a raise at work. One man said that he got weird looks when applying for a job, and this made him believe that he wouldn’t be a serious candidate for the position. Another individual said that he couldn’t find his year of birth as an entry option attempting to apply for a job online.

While older workers feel disadvantaged when searching for work, those who are 44 or younger are more likely to think that their youth gives them an advantage in the workplace. Of respondents who were 45 or older, women were more likely than men to say that their age made it harder to find work.

Workers in Boston, Massachusetts, who believe that they were discriminated against may want to pursue action against an employer. This may include filing a lawsuit or engaging in mediation or other talks with the company. An attorney may be willing to represent a worker during the process of holding an employer accountable for its potentially discriminatory behavior. Having an attorney present could make it easier for a worker to obtain a favorable outcome.