A new survey has found that 11% of workers over the age of 45 have experienced ageism on the job. This is in spite of the fact that it is illegal for employers in Massachusetts and elsewhere to discriminate based on a worker’s age. Discrimination can take many forms such as not getting hired for a job or being demoted by an employer. It is generally accepted that ageism begins when a worker approaches age 50.

However, it is possible for discrimination to happen at any time. Furthermore, it is possible for workers of either gender to be the victim of ageism, but men are more likely than women to report this type of discrimination on the job. There may be several ways that a person can minimize the chance of being adversely impacted by his or her age. For example, individuals are encouraged to document any instances of illegal activity.

They are also encouraged to learn new skills and keep up with industry trends in an effort to make themselves more valuable to employers. Individuals who are looking for work should do whatever they can to not advertise their age. This could include omitting a date of birth on a resume or the year that an applicant graduated high school or college.

Workers have rights regardless of their age. Employers that disregard those rights may be liable for damages such as lost wages or future earnings. Evidence of discrimination may include statements from managers or a pattern of favoring younger workers over older ones to fill openings. Those who are over the age of 40 are likely covered by the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. Boston, Massachusetts employee discrimination attorneys may provide assistance for individuals who wish to pursue action against their employers.