Massachusetts residents may have seen an increase in the number of employees who are 65 years old and older. There are a number of reasons for this increase. One reason has to do with the fact that people are simply living longer. This means seniors are worried that they may actually burn out their retirement savings before they die. This increase in older workers entering the workforce has not changed the hiring policies of a lot of companies.

A lot of firms focus on recruiting and retaining millennials; for them, success means hiring workers from a younger generation. In order to accomplish this, some companies will have job postings saying that they do not want workers who have more than X amount of years of experience in the field. If the applicant applies online, there may be a date of birth drop-down menu that stops at a certain year to disqualify individuals who were born before a certain date.

Companies do not want to be pegged with age discrimination, so code words may be used. For example, an individual may be deemed as being overqualified for a position. This could be a code for saying that the individual is too old. In addition, when saying that a business is designed to have a fun environment, it may be understood that the workplace is designed specifically for younger people. All of these things have made it a bigger challenge for older individuals to enter the interview process.

If a person feels that they are the victim of age discrimination, they may wish to speak to an attorney who works in this field. The attorney may work with their client in identifying quantifiable acts of age discrimination. They may then devise a plan with the goal of helping their client get the fair treatment they deserve.