The healthcare sector forms a significant part of the economy in Massachusetts. Healthcare workplaces have also been identified as hotbeds of sexual harassment. The Time’s Up movement that originally formed in 2018 to help people in the entertainment industry combat sexual harassment has expanded operations to support healthcare workers. The movement’s leadership made this move in response to the large numbers of medical workers who asked the organization for legal help.

A statement released by Time’s Up explained that its healthcare program would push for more women in leadership positions in medical fields and hold employers accountable for workplace discrimination. According to the organization, the healthcare workforce is overwhelmingly female with 80 percent of positions held by women. Executive leadership positions, however, skew 90 percent male.

A recent survey of medical professionals revealed that 58 percent of female surgeons had been the objects of sexual harassment in the past 12 months. Only 25 percent of male surgeons reported experiences of harassment. Few people file complaints, however, because of their concerns about damaging their careers. The Time’s Up organization aids people in their legal battles with employers by providing funds when possible. In 2018, the organization raised over $20 million through GoFundMe to help victims.

The experience of workplace discrimination can make a person feel isolated and vulnerable. Boston, Massachusetts, employee discrimination attorneys may improve a person’s understanding of how to file a complaint and potentially collect a settlement. An attorney may evaluate the evidence to see how strongly it supports accusations of illegal workplace conduct. To potentially shield the person from retaliation, an attorney may be able to manage communications with the employer. A resolution might emerge privately from an attorney’s efforts, or the attorney may advocate for the person’s needs during arbitration or litigation.