A posting for a job in Massachusetts or anywhere else in the country must meet certain guidelines. For instance, it generally cannot be discriminatory against a protected class. Furthermore, postings cannot claim that a worker will be an independent contractor if he or she is actually treated like an employee. This is important partially because independent contractors are required to withhold their own taxes, and they also aren’t entitled to insurance or other benefits like employees are.

If a post advertises that a freelancer will work for 40 hours a week, that person is likely an employee. The same is true if the post says that a person will need to work in an office or other setting dictated by the employer. By definition, freelancers are free to set their own hours and other working conditions. Those who think that a posting could be illegal have several options for reporting the employment law violation.

First, it may be possible to contact the labor board in the state where the ad was created or where the company is located. It may also be possible to lodge a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. For best results, it can be a good idea to publicize a complaint on social media to ensure that others hear about it and take action as well.

If an illegal job post is discovered, Boston, Massachusetts, employee discrimination attorneys may help individuals take action. An attorney may assist a person or group of people who want the post to be removed or edited. Furthermore, it may be possible to seek compensation or other relief from the company that created it. This may hold a company accountable for the fact that a worker missed out on a quality job opportunity.