The tech industry in Massachusetts and all over the country continues to face claims of discrimination against women and minorities. According to a complaint filed by the Department of Labor, discriminatory practices at leading tech company Oracle have cost black, Asian and female employees more than $400 million in lost wages over a four-year period.

The complaint alleges that Oracle created two main pathways through which the company discriminated against employees. The first pathway based employees’ initial pay rate on their prior salaries, and the second funneled certain employees into less lucrative career paths. Oracle was also found to be “highly discriminatory” in its college and university hiring practices. Of 500 recent graduate new hires, 90 percent were Asian although Asians only made up 65 percent of the hiring pool. In addition, the company demonstrated a preference for Asian visa holders.

Despite engaging in discriminatory hiring and employment practices, Oracle received more than $100 million in federal funding from the government. In light of its findings, the Department of Labor has requested an order cancelling the public funds that Oracle receives from the federal government.

Employment discrimination affects employees across all sectors. While tech companies have dominated news headlines for more than a decade, employers in more traditional sectors are equally susceptible to Department of Labor claims and lawsuits if they engage in discriminatory practices. Boston employees who believe they may have experienced discrimination in the workplace should contact an employment discrimination attorney. Boston employment discrimination attorneys are qualified to listen to employees’ concerns and determine whether it may be necessary to file a legal claim against the employer. Employees who contact an attorney to discuss their experience and explore legal options may rest assured that the details of their conversation with an attorney will remain confidential.