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Meet Our Team

A Little Bit About Us

We’re a team of lawyers with dozens of years of experience representing employees in all sorts of cases. It’s the only thing we do! Founded in 2013, our mission from day one has been to provide employees in the Boston area with high-quality legal counseling and advocacy. Why?

The workplace is rarely a level playing field. Many employers have extensive resources on their side to protect their interests. Shouldn’t employees have an advocate too? That’s where we come in. At Fair Work P.C., we aim to level that playing field by educating employees about their workplace and wage rights and obtaining justice for those whose rights have been violated.

Leaders In The Field

Since 2013, Fair Work P.C. has helped thousands of employees in Boston, Massachusetts, and from around the country recover millions of dollars in damages in a variety of contexts.

We’ve accomplished everything from retrieving tips or service charges that employers have misappropriated to handling individual discrimination cases to overseeing complex wage and hour class actions involving hundreds of employees.

Today, our team encompasses five lawyers who come from a variety of backgrounds but share a common goal of helping employees get what they’re owed. Check out our profiles below to learn more about each of us.

Let’s Talk About It

If it’s happened in the workplace, chances are, one of us has dealt with it. If you’re facing a workplace issue or are simply looking for guidance on something specific, give us a call.

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